From interactive, generationally diverse panel sessions, to Live Case Studies, based on a process called Collective Story Harvest, to a group-wide facilitated action space XYBOOM has designed to reflect the philosophy of the organization: to be participatory, engaging and collaborative. The processes you will experience at the conference are meant to draw out strategies and solutions and are replicable at your own workplaces (and beyond) and are all adaptable for different spaces and participants. As part of the post-conference takeaways, we will be providing a ‘How-to’ guide for the Live Case Study process as well as links to the action space activity and World Café processes we’re drawing from so that you can use these tools and processes in your own work.

Click here to read more about the exciting Live Case Study process that we’ll be hosting at XYBOOM from our wonderful facilitator, Amanda Fenton!

As a 30-day countdown to the XYBOOM Conference, we’re listing one new reason everyday on why you should attend! Check out our ongoing list below!

Check out our ongoing list of reasons to attend.