Have you been thinking about taking the next step in making your goals around meaningful work a reality? Are you thinking of transitioning out of traditional employment and starting a self-directed career? Do you want to define ‘work’ and ‘success’ on your own terms?

For many, the concept of a ‘dream job’ is idealized, and yet, can feel out of reach. Despite this, more and more individuals are redefining what ‘work’ looks and feels like on their own terms. This XYBOOM Story Night is designed so that you will hear stories, strategies and learnings directly from people who are in various stages of doing just this – creating meaningful work through unconventional paths. Using facilitated participatory methods, this story night is an opportunity for co-mentorship and knowledge exchange around how to create meaningful work and livelihood through non traditional career paths.

DATE: Wednesday, November 26th
TIME: 6pm-9pm
LOCATION: RADIUS, 425 Carrall Street

Registration is now open!