Volunteering & Work Experience

In return for your time as a volunteer with XYBOOM, you receive resume-building experience aligned with your career path and a team level access to the events we hold! We hope to hear from you: yumi (a) xyboom.org


Volunteer at an XYBOOM event! As a volunteer, you’ll play such an important role in executing our events, get to know our team and possibly meet lots of other volunteers, special guests and board members. E-mail us at info (a) xyboom.org we’ll add you to our volunteer list and keep you updated on upcoming opportunities to volunteer at.

Looking for work experience?

XYBOOM is always looking for dedicated people to help us with the many aspects of running XYBOOM. We are happy to provide you a ‘hands on’ practical experience with first hand access to all the different aspects that go into our programming. Marketing, communications, social media, event planning, and operations/logistics are some of the possible areas to intern in. We love welcoming new people to the XYBOOM team so please send your resume and cover letter to info (a) xyboom.org stating your area of interest and hours per week you’d like to commit to.

 I am very pleased with the work experience I got from XYBOOM. Being involved with the project first-hand allowed me to understand the issue at large, and helped me gain some real hands-on skills for career-related jobs in the future. I was able to learn more in depth about how social-media platforms work, and meet lots of industry professionals with great advice. The skills that I have learned are definitely transferable and applicable to other professional areas. I am quite happy with the valuable experiences that I received from this internship opportunity!

- Vicki Lee, XYBOOM Social Media Intern