This XYBOOM Story Night features 3 amazing, accomplished storytellers who are local changemakers and unconventional entrepreneurs:

William Azaroff, Director of Business and Community Development at Vancity and Modo Car Co-Op Board Member
William will be sharing his own unconventional path to meaningful work, which includes a transition from filmmaking to co-ops, community investment and much more. Check out William’s website here, and you can find his twitter account here. Scroll down for William’s bio and check out his Storyteller Q&A here.

Claudia Li, Co-Founder of the hua foundationGlobal Ashoka Fellow
Claudia will share her story of how she went from business school, to fighting for shark conservation, to building a non-profit dedicated to creating solutions and movements for the hua community that strengthen connections with culture, heritage and environmental sustainability. Click here for Claudia’s twitter account. Scroll down for Claudia’s bio and check out her Storyteller Q&A here.

Annika Reinhardt, Founder of Social Bites
Annika will share her story of how made the transition from working full time at BC Hydro, to part time and then finally to being a full time self-employed entrepreneur focused on creating social impact. Annika does this through a variety of avenues including the Social Bite signature #dinnerpartyYVR, which connects Vancouverites at a simultaneous dinner party, hosted in homes across the city, all to benefit local charities.  Click here for Annika’s twitter account. Scroll down for Annika’s bio and check out her Storyteller Q&A here.

They will be sharing:

  • how they have broken the mold when it comes to traditional ideals of what a ‘successful’ career path is
  • how they have gone through both ups AND the downs in their career journeys to date – transitions, risk taking, vulnerable moments & uncertainty
  • reflections on both the opportunities and challenges that have come their way
  • the hard work they have put into developing their skills and experience, honing their craft
  • …and SO MUCH MORE.

William’s Bio:  “A modern co-operator, recovering filmmaker, happy Vancouverite and all-around digital fella. I’m a longtime blogger and seasoned speaker focused on the intersection of community investment, engagement marketing and the world of co-ops, an editor of the CU Water Cooler and a proudly elected Board member at Modo, a large car-sharing co-operative in Metro Vancouver.

I work at Vancity, a values-based financial co-operative serving the needs of its half million member-owners and their communities. As the Director of Business & Community Development I lead a team that delivers on our Good Money™ brand by developing opportunities with progressive businesses, not-for-profits, social enterprises and co-operatives working towards a more vibrant, sustainable, inclusive local economy.”

Claudia’s Bio: Claudia is a Co-Founder of hua foundation, an organization dedicated creating solutions and movements for the Hua (ethnic Chinese) community that their strengthen connections with culture, heritage and environmental sustainability. Hua foundation is home to the food security initiative, The Choi Project, and the Hua Ren Environmental Network. Hua foundation also houses the program Shark Truth, a project Claudia started in 2009 that worked with wedding couples to remove shark fin from their wedding menu. A recently appointed Global Ashoka Fellow, Claudia’s work is inspired by the values of courage, empathy, and dignity her grandmother and family instilled in her from a young age. Her vision for social change is one where youth in her community rise to their potential as leaders for a healthier, more just, and sustainable society. Claudia has spoken at institutions such as New York University on youth leadership and cross-cultural communications. On the weekends, you can find her climbing rocks or jamming with friends.

Annika’s Bio: Annika Reinhardt is the founder of Social Bites, an organization focusing on community and social impact – often through food. In 2009 she started hosting dining events in private homes where random strangers would dine with those that love to cook and entertain. What started as a cooking competition turned into a successful community engagement project called #dinnerpartyYVR. The event brings together food lovers, hobby chefs and charity partners to exchange stories around the dinner table. So far, #dinnerpartyYVR has raised over $15,000 for local charities and connected hundreds of Vancouverites through food. Annika’s background is in project management and stakeholder engagement. She had a successful career at BC Hydro Power Smart before making Social Bites her full-time focus. Annika now helps organizations to do-more-awesome in the world by supporting the development of community and charitable giving programs.