Paulina Lipska, Co-founder and President of Young Women in Business and Business Development Manager at the Canadian Youth Business Foundation, will be sharing her experience on the Gen Y recruitment process as well as what she has learned in attempting to retain this demographic. As a “people alchemist” who thrives at the intersection of people and making ideas happen, Lipska’s gift is knowing the special formula to release unexpected synergies between people, teams and ideas, and asking the hard questions needed to get there.

The top reason why everyone should come to this conference is to engage in conversation around how might we all collaborate together around this topic.

What is the top reason someone like you must attend the XYBOOM Conference this year? To understand and acknowledge everyone’s perspective, unique contributions, current challenges, and collaborative solutions.

If you are wanting to strengthen your inter-generational understanding and dialogue then you need to come to the XYBOOM Conference.

Why did you decide to become a part of XYBOOM Conference Team? To contribute my experience and hear other perspectives.

What are you most excited to take away from this year’s conference? Tangible solutions for collaboratively working together moving forward.

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Check out our ongoing list of reasons to attend.