Krystal Gabriel has a passion for company culture and has experienced everything from big corporate environments, to completely virtual ones, to one of the most progressive workplaces in the world (Mindvalley). Her roles have included: A Leadership Development Specialist for Terasen Gas during its merger with FortisBC where she was involved in aligning the two companies around leadership and performance, a Project Manager at Mindvalley (an internet business incubator based in Malaysia whose sole mission is to push humanity forward) where her team worked to develop and launch a platform for the world’s most successful products in the personal development industry and lastly, a Human Capital and Strategy Consultant with Deloitte creating the infrastructure and strategy for a Change Management Center of Excellence. The red threads in her work are leadership, strategy, change, growth and entrepreneurship and it’s in these spaces that she is most alive.

The top reason why everyone should come to this conference is to engage in conversation around how might we all collaborate together around this topic.

What is the top reason someone like you must attend the XYBOOM Conference this year? Rich and insightful conversation. A chance to listen and to be heard

If you are an agent of change, a courageous voice of understanding, a not-so-happy with the way things have always been done fire starter then you need to come to the XYBOOM Conference.

Why did you decide to become a part of XYBOOM Conference Team? What it means to work, collaborate, lead, follow and communicate is rapidly shifting right before our eyes, this conference will no doubt ignite some important dialogue around issues that are shaping our time and I’m thrilled be apart of the conversation.

What are you most excited to take away from this year’s conference? New insights and awareness, new levels of collaboration and sense of co-creation for the future of work.

As a 30-day countdown to the XYBOOM Conference, we’re listing one new reason everyday on why you should attend! Check out our ongoing list below!

Check out our ongoing list of reasons to attend.