Thrive Project Focus Group

Thrive Project Focus Group



We are helping Thrive Project continue with their efforts:

“We are moving forward on many fronts within the LMP NPS project , including the development phase for many of the HR resources and services. We are planning a research focus group (a dialogue session) on July 10 in Vancouver at Vancouver Library Square.

The session is designed to get multiple perspectives and engage sector folks in co-creating 3 of the items on our HR “menu”, specifically:

  • Building adaptability and resilience
  • Creating career development approaches that can span the sector (i.e., cross organizational lines)
  • Accessing HR advice and guidance (web-based chat, on-call, shared services, etc.)

We are looking to invite 20 -25 individuals with a wide range of experience within the sector.

We would like to include : Executive Directors, managers, front-line professionals.

We would like individuals who represent a cross section of NPS organizations including: representation from urban and rural communities , large and small organizations. The NPS-LMP project will cover their travel costs.”

Please let us know if you are interested at [email protected]