Jo-Anne Weiler has been in private clinical practice for the past 10 years on the North Shore working with young professionals and their families as they work through personal, professional, relationship life stage challenges. She has also worked with our Federal Government executive team, the Legacies Now team, the Engineers Association and Telus. Certainly, she has a passion to help people reach their potential and live life with mojo! As an XYBOOM advisory board member, she brings guidance to the topic of changing family dynamics, and the socioeconomic impacts that these shifts make. Find out some of the additional thoughts Weiler had on the XYBOOM conversation.

Thoughts by Jo-Anne:

Essentially, this isn’t the case today. Our children are generally quite attached and yet can’t afford to live in the neighbourhood.

1. I wonder about how the shift with the Millennials being so much more connected to their parent Boomers (because of financial needs and also because of the phenomena of the helicopter parent influence) will impact over time. We are alot more closely connected to our children than our parents were with us. How will the Millennials live close to their Boomer parents, when housing cost have gone up so much? For the Boomer, the nest wasn’t so important because our parents were more connected to their own peer groups than to their kids (we were seen, not heard). Essentially, this isn’t the case today. Our children are generally quite attached and yet can’t afford to live in the neighbourhood.

2. Should government revise the current huge tax hit when it comes to the transfer of the family home? Currently with the transfer of title there might be a 100k hit just to get the transfer?? Could government look at changes in the future?

3. Our generation is living longer. So we are going to be more available for grand parenting. So this will take the heat off — Millennials need to access that; but that requires living within a physical range.

4. We are in a position of transferring our knowledge to our children. Our family systems and wisdoms will be passed on if Millennials can live in the same place. More connection, less stress. More support, a better functioning workplace.

Overall the three areas of psychological concern:

1. Stress: it seems to me are with the rise of stress, since today both parents are typically working & therefore need support. Our children have grown up with more focus than we did when we were children. How do we provide the support if our children can’t afford to live near us?

2. Costs –

housing costs have gone up, while incomes have not.

3. Overall we have less supportive systems generally. Whereas our parents generation and even our generation (Boomers) connected through church or things like that, the Millennials connect through social media with less face to face contact. There is so much research currently about health impacts and stress. We can be healthier at work and at home with more support and connection.

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